Common Misconceptions About Limousine Services in Cincinnati

When you are looking to have a good time in Cincinnati and you want to top it all off with an amazing transportation option, the best thing to do is to go online and search for the top limousine companies in Cincinnati and pick out the best possible Limo you can find. Limos are a wonderful way to get around. Not only are they exceptionally comfortable, but they are professionally driven and they simply make you feel like you’re a famous celebrity riding in style.

It is however, unfortunate that most people almost never inquire about renting a limousine for their special night out because they think that hiring one is too expensive and only for the rich and famous.

Little do they know that anyone can rent a limo in Cincinnati. There is a large selection of companies in the Cincinnati area that provide rental services and most offer special pricing packages for all occasions.

This is just one misconception about cincinnati limo service that the common public holds. Here are a few more false perceptions that keep people from enjoying a special night out in a luxurious limousine.

Regulars Joe’s Can Only Afford “Regular” Limousines

For starters, there is hardly any limo that can be considered regular. Secondly, even the most luxurious limos tend to be affordable if you find a the right company and special. That’s why you need to call around and see what types of offers are available depending on the time of year. The limo specials will vary depending on the seasons.

picture of cincinnati limo fun


Don’t Mistake Limousine Drivers For Your Personal Assistants For The Night

Limo drivers are professional chauffeurs. Whereas they can take you wherever you want to go provided it is within the stipulated terms of agreement, they are not your personal assistants for the occasion. Although you will receive top notch A class service they are very professional and their main job is to get you to your destination in the safest most enjoyable manner. Don’t get me wrong you will be treated like royalty for your special event. They have other clients to serve unless you have booked the limo for the entire day. That being said, there are some packages that offer the full array of services, which means you can send your limo driver to pick up anything and anyone provided it is legal and within the agreed upon terms.

A Limo Service Is Just An Over-Priced Taxi Service

This is simply not the case. Limo services are not only more luxurious, but they are also more personalized. Your driver and the kind of car you hire are often specifically tailored to your very needs. Unlike a taxi service that only gets you where you want to go, a limo service cares about how you get there. Not only do we take you there in style, we make sure that you are exceptionally comfortable while en-route.

Limousines Are All The Same

This is another false misconception. There is an outrageous variety of limos in Cincinnati. There are stretch sedans, Hummers, SUV’s, luxury vehicles and host of other highly customized limos that will take your breath away.

So the next time you feel like you want to treat yourself to a little luxury, do not let these misconceptions deter you from doing just that. Pick up the phone and call up your favorite limousine service in Cincinnati then ask about the specials they are offering. You will be surprised at how affordable it can be.

Business Doesn’t Have To Be Boring

serious business

Did you ever notice how serious business is these days? Everyone walks around the office with this serious look and it’s like a library in there. Just put your head down and get your work done. Or better yet stay in your cubicle and don’t dare leave until break time or lunch.

You would think that because we spend more than half our lives at the workplace that it could at the very least be a bit fun. Studies have shown that workers are more productive when they actually enjoy coming to work. Why not lighten it up and have some fun.

Here are a few ways to lighten up the workplace vibe

Games and contest that involve everyone but are centered around helping the company be more productive, profitable or efficient.

Horse Races?

I worked for a company a few years back and they would set up these horse racing games on the whiteboard. Everyone was named one of the horses in the race and each week they would gather us all together in front of the board and go over our sales numbers for the prior week.

business entertainment

The top 5 people would get a specific number and move their horse ahead this amount of spaces. The races would usually run about a month and the top 3 winners would get a prize for that month of races. This really motivated and brought the whole company together and I have to say if you were in the final stretch and had a chance at the prize it would motivate you to go out and really hit it hard towards the end of the month.

Dodge Ball Teams

The second thing that this company did to really bring co workers together was to join the company into a dodge ball league. We would meet once a week and play against other local businesses in the area. This was a total blast to see your co workers let their hair down and all be part of something other than work.

Most of time after the game we would go out and grab something to eat and really get to talk more as friends than work associates. This really gave us so much to talk and laugh about during the next few days at the office.

If you really think about how much time we spend at work and our co workers it adds up to more time than with our friends and family. to make your life as complete as possible it is important to enjoy as much time in the day as possible. We are only on this planet a short time, why not make the best of it every second of the day.

Try implementing these ideas or come up with your own and transform your office from a morgue to a comedy club. Business can be fun if you work on it.